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Monday, April 30, 2012

Our Spring Chicken's Fresh Pickin's

I see no better activity with which to fill lulls in the workday than cruising the wide selection of products offered by SGN's many fantastic retailers. Here's what I'm sweet on this week. The sun is finally coming out and birds are singing their beaks sore. Could it be? Spring is here. It's time to freshen up. Need I remind you that Social Good Network provides the perfect opportunity to do a little spring splurging without the guilt? Buy through SGN and your favorite nonprofits benefit.  
Tanlines - Mixed Emotions [Vinyl]

This is your soundtrack for Spring/Summer 2012. Trust me. You're welcome.

Pure Matte Lipstick in Montego Bay

So sweet, so pink. Think Marilyn Monroe's pretty blush lips on the set of The Misfits (sure, the film is in black and white -- use your imagination). Mmm, spring.

Champion Thumbs-Up

Good news, everyone. You no longer need the flexibility of those crazy street performers who fold themselves into boxes to give a thumbs-up with you foot. Check out these peachy keens. See those little white things all over them? Those are Thumbs-ups. Uh-huh. Throw your feet in the air if you feel good.

See's Candies
Dark Chocolates

Nothing makes me crave sugar like the onset of swimsuit season. Plus, if you order chocolate and have it sent straight to the office, you'll make friends (or you won't . . . we all know those bikini bods aren't going to sculpt themselves).

--Catie Young

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